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about diamonds: 

As an investment object, the colored diamonds are far superior to the white ones.

The decisive factor is the rarity of a diamond, regardless of its size and purity, because the available quantity is very limited. Most important is the color: the more intense, the more valuable.


All colored diamonds, without exception, have been experiencing a steady increase in value for decades: a highly concentrated value in a very small space. In the case of particularly rare colors, such as red or blue, their value increases exorbitantly because the quantities mined are extremely small.


The certainty of purchasing a genuine natural colored diamond comes from its laboratory report, the certificate. In it, all relevant details of the diamond are listed. In addition, the stone is then already

one of the three worldwide recognized institutes not involved in the trade - GIA, HRD and IGI - sealed in a transparent plastic blister and provided with the identification number of the certificate.


But since the prices of all colored diamonds have been rising unwaveringly for decades, they thus document scarcity with constantly increasing popularity.

Therefore, these diamonds can be called a safe value with a convincing perspective for the future, which is also proven by the auctions of Christies and Sothebys, which always report new records. There are even separate auctions just for colored diamonds and of course this further fuels the interest.

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