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Diamond Rings 

The engagement ring – one of the most beautiful and intimate gifts there is. If a wedding is imminent, the groom presents his chosen bride with a diamond ring when proposing marriage, which she then wears on the ring finger of her left hand. That's why a diamond engagement ring is also called a proposal ring.


Which version should you choose?

In the bezel setting, the diamond is completely surrounded by a rail. Less light reaches the stone, but it still sparkles with all the colors of the light prism when the light hits it correctly.

A 6 prong setting looks like a crown, the diamond appears round, with a 4 prong setting the diamond receives more light and the shape looks more square, as if a princess cut diamond had been used instead of one Brilliant cut.

Both prong versions are very popular and personal preference - also for the other versions - is crucial.

All diamond rings are custom-made and made in Germany by traditional companies made by hand.

The price of the diamonds depends on Size, color and purity of diamonds that you can select in the product description. All models are available in both yellow and white gold.

Do you have an idea of what your very personal unique piece could look like?

Talk to us and we will make your idea a reality!

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